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(Updated on 03/16/2011)

Anthony Canchola – Spanish Language

                                    Born to a family that spoke Spanish and English, Anthony is truly bi-lingual.  He grew up spending significant time in both the US and Mexico.  He has a Masters Degree from both Harvard University and the University of Illinois, in Education and in Bilingual & Bicultural Education. His subsequent career has taken him from The Radcliffe Institute for advanced studies at Harvard to MIT and then to Brown University. Tony is now based in Tucson, Arizona where he heads his familys’ business CFC Enterprises, Inc. on the US – Mexican border..                                    

Juan Heredia – Traveling in Ecuador

                                    Juan was born in Ecuador and except for 3 years he spent in the US and the UK, has lived his entire life in Ecuador. He has been a tour guide for over 20 years, including some time as a guide on the Galapagos Islands. For the past 10 years, he has owned a tour company focused on Ecuador and Peru,
                                    Juan has also been involved in Cuenca real estate investments for many years. He is currently a partner developing a building into apartments and retail stores in the historic district of Cuenca. To relax, Juan enjoys horseback riding through the countryside. 

Christina Greco – Young Families Overseas

                                    With two young children in tow, this school psychologist decided years ago to spend a year abroad in Japan.  She was single, knew no one there and spoke none of the language.  Dr. Christina is living proof that “with a will, there’s a way”.  Her children benefited enormously from the experience and she can not wait to repeat the journey.  This time she will fly solo as her children are now grown and on their own.  

Ed Rose – Investing & Working

                                    As a CPA and MBA, Ed had a strong financial background as he entered real estate investing 35 years ago.  His investments in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Panama began eight years ago and have included a colonial home, a condominium, various raw land deals and a resort property.  He managed a house rehab, a land development and tenants; all from afar.
                                    Ed lived in Quito, Ecuador and started a small import business based there

John Terry – International Insurance

                                    One of the most frequently asked questions for those traveling and living out-of-country is how to protect yourself from financial hardships resulting from medical issues.  As an independent insurance professional for 25 years, John can answer these and similar issues.  He represents ihi Bupa which is considered by most to be the best underwriter of policies outside the US.  Bupa has some eight million clients in 80 countries.

Susan Lomartire – Traveling Solo

                                    Many of us hesitate to travel the world on our own. Susan has been doing so for over thirty years. Starting with a trip to France and Italy, she has since visited a dozen countries on her own. She has been to Latin America, Africa, Asia and of course Europe. Always armed with a sense of curiosity about other cultures, Susan has traveled for pleasure, for her job as an International Human Resources Consultant and as an importer of silk products.

Tyler Gage – California Suburbs to the Amazon; Building community

                                    Tyler is the President and co-founder of Runa, a social enterprise that sustainably produces and markets guayusa tea (why-you-sa) from the Ecuadorian Amazon – Tyler has researched ethnolinguistics, indigenous botanical traditions and fair trade business development throughout Ecuador. Tyler has lived in Ecuador for 2 years running the Runa organization and has started six separate organizations inside of Runa’s structure. He is very knowledgeable on the many facets of enterprise development in Ecuador. Only 25 years old, Tyler graduated from Brown University in 2008 and has built a diverse network of government, NGO and indigenous communities support for his work.

Edgardo Ferris – Living in Panama
                                    Ed is a native of Panama. He joined his parents in the US at the age of 12 and assimilated to the American culture and English language well. He has an AS in Accounting and a BA in General Management, both from Pace University. His MBA is from The Dowling College.
                                    Ed is a Diversity Champion. Past volunteer roles include Vice Chair of the YMCA of Delaware, Speaker at a National Association of Black Accountants Conference, and Member of the CFO Diversity and Inclusion Council. He is also a Founding President of the Delaware Toastmasters Club and Past President of the Charlotte Toastmasters Club.

Marc Berube – Transitioning

                                    Marc was born in New England and spent much of his life living in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. He is the Director of Training and Communications for a major insurance company. Marc has always been drawn to warm and sunny climates and thought Florida would be the answer. Then he discovered Latin America. That changed his life plan. He is currently transitioning from a life in cold New England to tropical Latin America.
                                    There are many things to consider when making such a major life change and Marc will share key things to think about in planning your move and making the dream a reality. 

John Adams – Traveling in Ecuador

                                    John moved from the United Kingdom to Ecuador 18 years ago. He lives in Quito with his Ecuadorian wife and two children. Over his years in Ecuador, he has worked with International Living, the Gary Scott organization and the American Artists & Writers Institute. He is now independent, but continues to offer such diverse services as:

  • Locating schools, rentals, support staff, properties and attorneys.
  • Assistance in moving, buying furniture, opening bank & utility accounts.
  • Legal work regarding residency visas, title research and property closings.
  • Investigate business opportunities, translations, etc.

Best of all, John works independently for your best interest.