Updated 03/16/2011


Note: Many FAQs are answered in the 50 minute Free Webinar. Please register and enjoy the Webinar. We welcome your feedback.

Q:        Who Should Attend?

A:         Anyone who wants to:

  • adventure travel,
  • experience a new culture,
  • have medical or dental procedures performed,
  • have a non US residence,
  • invest in Latin America,
  • learn or perfect your Spanish,
  • retire inexpensively,
  • start or expand a business,
  • etc. etc.

Q:        What if I’m interested in other Latin American countries?

A:         Most of our topics start with general information that may be applicable to other Central and South America countries.  Our detail purposely focuses on Panama & Ecuador which currently attract the most interest from North Americans.

Q:        Why Panama and Ecuador?

A:         In a nutshell, both enjoy pensioner benefits, ocean coast, the US dollar as their currency and specialty tax treatment on real estate.  In addition, Panama is both a major business center (easy to do business) and transportation hub (easy to get around).  Ecuador has consistent and great climate and is about the most inexpensive Latin American country to live in.

Q:        Who will I have access to through the conference?

A:         The conference is kept small enough to provide all attendees access to our speakers.  Each have specific experience with the various topics we present on the featured countries.  In addition to the 8AM to 5:30 PM schedule, there will be gathering times for everyone to enjoy a  more casual discussion as well as specific interest groups.

Q:        What can I expect from the conference?

A:         Detailed “How To” information on living in Panama or Ecuador through presentations and a hardcopy takeaway.  Also, you will have access to our resources at the conference and our trusted contacts inside the two countries. Further, you will meet like-minded people that can help motivate you to take those next steps with confidence.

Q:        How was the conference price determined?

A:         Our goal is to introduce the joys of Latin America to as many people as possible.  Therefore, we have priced the gathering at approximately half of similar events mostly held outside the U.S.  We recommend obtaining reliable information before traveling to a specific country. This saves lodging and transportation costs and we believe a much better experience in the country when you do take that first trip.

Q:        Is the conference a set up to sell goods and services, as-in hard sell real estate projects?

A:         No, the conference is to provide as much information as possible with NO sales pitches!  Anyone interested in pursuing products that relate to Latin America may do so through the vendor tables or references given for your follow-up.

Q:        What about accommodations?

A:        We have negotiated a discount room rate at the Hotel ( see “Hotel & Travel Info” ).  Additionally, since the hotel is close to the airport, there is no need to rent a car.

Q:        What if I:       

  • have school age children or pets,
  • don’t speak Spanish,
  • need medical insurance,
  • am not wealthy,
  • am just afraid of the unknown,
  • etc. etc.

 A:         Please register for our Free Webinar today so you can see for yourself why none of these issues should prevent you from attending our Live Seminar so you can start living the life of your dreams.