30 Apr 2011

Ed Rose – Answers on Ecuador Tour

Posted by Bill Daubenmier

Hi Bill, This is Ed Rose.
In answer to your questions:

The tour bus takes us to relatively small towns – except for Cuenca – so the walking distances are not long. In Cuenca, options are offered which include free time and a separate real estate tour. Neither of these would involve much walking.

The tour is conducted entirely in English. The guide is bi-lingual for anyone that wishes to use a translator for some local you might meet.

Thousands of US citizens have moved to Ecuador with no Spanish skills. One couple I know stayed three years giving tours to expats without ever studying Spanish. Generally though, your idea to take lessons is a good one, it enhances the new cultural experience.

Some rural villages speak various Indian dialects. However, they usually speak at least Spanish as well. I know of only two native English speakers that studied these languages, but more for fun than necessity.

There are many book and internet resources depending on your interest. Your local bookstore has general travel guides which are useful for an orientation. I can recommend specific websites, but again depending on your interest. For example: real estate, treasure hunting, Cuenca (the expat’s favorite city), expat forum, specific questions and business.

Hope that helps,
Ed Rose

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