30 Apr 2011

Bill S. – Interested in Ecuador Tour

Posted by Bill Daubenmier

I am interested in learning if Ecuador is a place I would enjoy calling home. I am looking for a stable country, friendly people, reasonable cost of liiving for a quality lifestyle, hopefully among other English speaking expats.. and all of the usual suspects: excellent inexpensive dining, safe environment, comfortable affordable accomodations, excellent temperate climate, modest cost of living, etc.
One concern: due to a back injury I cannot walk long distances. Will this be a problem for the tour? I speak only English. How will this affect my participation on the tour, and then later, if I move to Ecuador, will I be able to get by with English only? Yes I do plan to take lessons in spanish, most likely when I move to Ecuador. While we are on the subject of language skills, are there any other languages required in Ecuador? For the first year or so I will have to get by in English. Will this be a major obstacle to making a successful adjustment? What books, internet or other resources, do you recommend for prospective migrants from USA/Canada?

Best regards,
Bill S.
OK, over to you.

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