Ed Rose, President & Seminar Leader

Ed Rose, President & Seminar Leader

Hello, my name is Ed Rose.

Allow me to introduce myself and JEVER Corp. After-all, unlike other organizations which conduct similar seminars and conferences, we have not been blogging and are therefore relatively unknown on the internet. 

My education is as a CPA and MBA.  For 35 years I have focused this financial background on real estate – traveling to over 30 different countries in the process.

Eight years ago, through International Living”, I journeyed to Nicaragua.  I liked it so much that my investment firm purchased a new house on Lake Apoyo, a colonial renovation in Granada and raw land.

Over the ensuing years, I transacted real estate in both Panama and Ecuador. For many reasons, they have become my favorite Latin American countries.  As you may know, both “International Living” and “Live and Invest Overseas” currently rate these two countries among the best for many reasons.

During these tumultuous times, I realized that it is becoming more important than ever for US citizens to consider the option of living in our neighboring countries to the south. Yet because of the challenging economy, it has become more difficult for many to travel and investigate their options. Thus JEVER Corp. has organized these seminars to provide you with detailed information on opportunities in these two countries.

JEVER is organizing seminars in US cities on Panama & Ecuador. Aside from saving on travel and hotel costs, our attendees pay approximately half the market rate for an information packed 2 days.  We keep our seminars small so you will have plenty of time to interact directly with the organizers, speakers, vendors and fellow participants.

 We have assembled a great team anxious to share their experience and knowledge about these two countries. The two days are packed with interesting generalized topics as well as detailed specific interest topics along with question and answer time. I hope you’ll join us. 


Ed Rose

P.S.  –  I am currently a Panama City, Panama condo landlord and a partner in an import business based in Quito, Ecuador. I have lived in Ecuador but currently reside part-time in North Carolina & Florida. I hope soon to include some time either in Panama or Ecuador or both. Who knows?


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