July 16th & 17th, 2011
in Newark, New Jersey
– Postponed-
Next Date To Be Announced


No need to get out your passport!


No international flight hassles!

Don’t waste your valuable time or money on travel until you’ve heard all the great information presented in this seminar!


What you discover could save you thousands of dollars!

Satisfy your curiosity, open the door to a whole new way of life. Discover other cultures. Learn about life in Panama and Ecuador! At the same time, discover:

  • Advantages and benefits
  • Vacation ideas
  • Reduce real estate risk
  • Medical tourism

Did you know that you can easily live for less than $700 per month in Panama or Ecuador? And this is not a grass-hut existence!

Living in Panama or Ecuador can mean enjoying modern conveniences and services of a developed-nation. It could also mean retreating to a small beach-front village. In either case, you’ll enjoy a lifestyle that is sure to lower your blood pressure and ease your mental stress!

  • You can enjoy a wonderful, temperate climate in either of these countries.
  • Learn where Ecuador and Panama real estate markets continue to grow and prosper.
  • Realize the safety, economy and enjoyment available in these two countries.
  • Discover a relaxed lifestyle!

What do we mean by ‘lifestyle’? Just consider the time and effort that you expend to maintain your current living situation. This ranges all the way from your home mortgage or rent, to the time you spend commuting in traffic to your job, as well as the environment that you live in, the conveniences as well as the hassles, the requirements of government regulation, the cost of living, the safety and security that you expect, the type and quality of food and water available to you, social venues and activities, scenic surroundings and the sense of happiness and satisfaction that you feel each day.All of these factors and more, are subject to change and improvement when you consider Panama and Ecuador.


  1. Hear multiple presenters bring their expertise and knowledge to this event, eager to relate their experiences and tips on a wide variety of subjects, who have already done the in-country due-diligence and networking. Gain valuable insight from their many years of travel, business and cultural experiences.
  2. Enjoy the question-and-answer sessions in an informal yet dynamic setting.
  3. Benefit from the networking with others who are there for the same reasons you are!
  4. Receive a hard-copy reference containing the material, as well as the specifics, websites and contact information.

It would take you years of expensive travels to learn even a small portion of what you will discover in this two-day seminar, without even leaving the US!


Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your life and discover new horizons in Panama and Ecuador!



Seating is Limited !

In this two-day conference we cover all aspects, soup to nuts, of the Panama and Ecuador experience.

You’ll discover why thousands of like-minded “northerners”, fellow US citizens just like yourselves, have made the move to a better life.

Who should attend?

  1. You may have an interest in real estate investing or development. We will show you the ins and outs of conducting business in these cultures, safely and economically. Did you know that there is no MLS in these countries? Learn how to navigate the system fairly, efficiently and profitably. This can lead to great benefits, both financially and in your personal happiness in life.

  3. Perhaps you are looking for a more secure, easy-going and economical place and lifestyle for retirement. We have all seen the effects of the US style economic system and it’s recent troubles.  
  4. Are you looking for a new vacation spot? One that doesn’t nickel and dime you on this or that option and organizing services? You can easily create your own optimum vacation for very little money, with the greatest flexibility, safety and enjoyment.

  6. Maybe you are simply interested in learning about other cultures and peoples, curious about the way others live on planet earth. We all should expand our horizons, open our minds more and benefit from a shared view of the larger world that we inhabit as we reach out for understanding and relating to fellow world citizens. We can apply lessons learned from other ways of life to our own lives, making life richer and more fulfilling in the process. This cultural interaction works both ways and many new friends will be made in the process.

  8. Medical care! This is an ever-increasing concern with the US system of health care. Our coverage is different from every other developed nation. Many US citizens now face the threat of being priced out of quality medical care. In Panama and Ecuador, you will find modern, efficient and affordable health care, delivered by trained professionals – often US educated.  The money that can be saved on one medical procedure alone could pay for your trip!

  10. Do you want to set up a business outside the US? You will learn about the advantages of locating your new or existing busines in Panama or Ecuador. You can diversify your assets safely and legally in Panama or Ecuador. You can benefit from regulations that legally allow you to reduce your taxes.

These countries have earned high marks for safety, culture, standard of living and breathtaking scenery.

Will I feel welcome in Panama and Ecuador?

The people in Panama and Ecuador welcome you to their countries, with warmth and sincerity. The smiles that you see are real, the ready offers to help are genuine, and the knowledge and competency of business and government specialists are assured. You will learn who, how and where to go for your specific vacation plans and discover new ideas and places that you never imagined. You will also learn about the activities that you can enjoy in Panama and Ecuador. Attending this seminar will enable you to find those special places that suit your needs and desires.


Life is too short to stay stuck in the rut that we impose on ourselves. You CAN live happier, healthier and more economically outside the US, whether for a week, for a month or a lifetime.


Seating is Limited !